My experience with Tina has been incredible! I’m recovering from a stroke and generally have a fairly obvious limp, after the first session with Tina my gait was super smooth. I’ve always struggled with insomnia but since doing spinal flow with Tina have been sleeping well, needless to say, I’m elated. Also, I’ve never been able to nap and since Tina has worked on me with the spinal flow technique I’ve had several beautiful long naps. It’s a fundamental of life. It’s as though my whole nervous system has been calmed down. One thing I have found interesting is that this type of therapy feels really subtle, (I’ve had a lot of body work done over the years) but you need to drink as much water as if you’d just had a deep tissue massage. So it’s clearly releasing lots of toxins. I really can’t speak too highly of Spinal Flow.

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Release yourself forward with Tina Kirkham Smith of Akiki Spinal Flow – Practitioner in Cooroy at the top of the Sunshine Coast.

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