I have been committed to seeing Tina for SFT with excellent results.
Physically I had scoliosis which for years which caused over compensating of tension and discomfort throughout areas my spine and shoulder blades on a regular basis.
Since receiving a block of consistent treatments of SFT the tension has dissolved even after months between past series of treatments with Tina.

I had also been struggling with the effects of ptsd which was my main motivation to see Tina for regular SFT treatments.
I experienced major shifts emotionally, assisting me to process and clear grief and trauma naturally which is so refreshing in place of talk therapy.

I found Tina both professional and incredibly caring.
I always feel safe and comfortable during treatments with her.
Best of all
my nerves system functioning has improved dramatically as well as my inner confidence and Spark.

Thank you Tina for your devotion to SFT, and for walking beside me through this natural healing and amazing Life Transformation.

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