The incredible process of creating a baby truly is a miracle. My passion is to be a contribution to life – to be an integral part of a woman’s team through this incredibly special experience is an honour.

Conception and Pregnancy

When the body is in prolonged stress, trauma or fear it may not feel safe to bring new life into the world. Encouraging the body to step out of it’s fight or flight state and return to it’s innate Parasympathetic healing state may enable a woman to conceive.

Starting Spinal Flow® care to prepare your body for pregnancy provides a healthy foundation. Once pregnant, dedicating regular Spinal Flow® time to embody a state of calm and wellbeing throughout this period of incredible change may reduce anxiety and lessen fears, building confidence and trust for a positive birth experience. Your body – and later your pelvic floor – expands with greater ease and comfort when using this technique and using specialised pregnancy pillows gives you time lying face down so you can fully relax your whole body and enjoy this longed for posture.

Women report it helps balance their hormonal biochemical changes, creates a deeper connection to Self/inner guidance and their growing baby and also relieves neurological issues of pregnancy such as cramping, burning, pins & needles, numbness and may also minimise morning sickness.


During a woman’s postpartum recovery, her emotional, physical and spiritual rejuvenation are in need of healing support. Due to the direct connection of gut and mental health her digestive system needs re-awakening to nourish her body and mind. A common cause of future back pain, such as herniated disks, is repetitive movements while pelvic ligaments are still so elastic, therefore supporting the muscles and connective tissue to contract efficiently is paramount.

If you are concerned about yourself because you’ve been feeling persistently sad, guilty, a sense of hopelessness, irritable, finding it difficult to bond with your new baby, are overly anxious or even hypervigilant for the safety of your baby or any other such symptoms, it is possible you are experiencing Post Natal Depression or PTSD resulting from birth trauma. If I’m not your nearest Spinal Flow Practitioner, please, please click on this link to find someone in your area.

Spinal Flow technique


Although every birth experience is unique, all bring an element of stress which may impact the flow of energy within your newborn baby. This can potentially anchor life-long stressors, leading to on-going health, behavioural and concentration issues and learning difficulties.

Inviting an infant’s body to release these early kinks and encourage the optimum flow of oxygen, nutrients and communication throughout the nervous system helps to minimise symptoms such as colic, reflux, sleep and settling issues, eczema and breastfeeding difficulties and also improves digestive health.

Beautiful and Inspirational words from my
very best clients

My 10 week old breastfed bub has been having skin & digestive issues & not doing regular bowel movements.
With one visit to Tina it really helped those bowel movements move along that afternoon! Bub has been doing well since.
Highly recommend Tina & her spinal flow 💕

Clare Kajewski

I was lucky enough to have a treatment with Tina when I was pregnant. During the treatment my baby was doing flips which he only did when I was deep in meditation. I also took my baby to have a treatment with Tina at around 6 weeks because he had colic and was very unsettled. The treatment was extremely gentle and during the treatment my baby was completely relaxed then asleep. I don’t understand how Tina’s treatment works but it does! Tina is lovely and passionate about working with mums and babies. Thank you Tina.

Elisha Dalla-Vecchia

Spinal Flow technique

Akiki spinal flow

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