Most definitely. It encourages the body to expand and adjust with ease. I have a range of pregnancy pillows and cushions to make you as comfortable as possible. A bonus is you get to lay on your front which you may not have done in some time – my clients always get excited about this! You may like to read Shae’s review.

Absolutely, just choose the Family (60 min) appointment option and the more the merrier! I do prefer that at least one parent has previously had an appointment as our children are an extension of us and so if we start to shift so do they, but also it means it’s less daunting for them as you can confidently explain the process.

Yes, we have 3 spaces outside the front of the building that are shared with all the practitioners, plus we have 2,3 and 4 hour spaces in the surrounding streets, although it is actually better for your healing if you are able to park a short walk away as this gives your pelvis time to continue adjusting after your session before it is in a fixed seated position in your car.

Yes, Spinal Flow® communicates with your Central Nervous System encouraging the brain to rewire your neural pathways. Please check out my client review from Briana who has had totally life-changing shifts even after just one session.

This is a very gentle, non-invasive technique where only light touch is necessary. We are simply reminding your body to tap in to it’s own innate healing ability, empowering it to clear blockages with ease which then allows vertebrae to move freely and realign even with serious physical issues such as scoliosis or kyphosis.

No, you stay totally clothed, in fact it’s better for me if you are completely covered along the whole length of your spine and pelvis. I just ask that you don’t wear jeans or clothes that have thick seams along the spine and around the waist.

Appointment lengths vary from 30-60 minutes. Please hop on my appointment scheduler for full details and to help you choose the appropriate session.

I currently don’t have eftpos, however direct bank transfer is accepted and details will be included in your confirmation email.

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