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Spinal Flow For CHILDHOOD Issues

As a mum of three who all required orthodontic work, my own observation is that nature is amazing, so why do most people not have a jaw large enough to accommodate our teeth?  My conclusion is that the bones of the cranium are prevented from moving as they are designed (perhaps this is a contributor to screaming babies) which potentially stops our jaw from growing to it’s correct size.  This could be the cause of dysfunction of the TMJ, ear pain, other ENT issues, dizziness, tinnitus, jaw clicking, headaches and other lifestyle limitations.  Early release of trauma from the birth experience can support prevention and relief of these issues, although please know that it’s never too late to encourage the body to heal.


I love, love, love having families in my space and with three tables in the room I can easily accommodate all sizes of family. Occasionally a young one isn’t keen to get on the table the first visit, but second visit onwards there’s usually a race for who’s up next!

Children’s bodies immediately start releasing blockages so they usually only need a few minutes and their bodies generally move, it’s so cool! One gorgeous 4 year old very calmly released a few tears which was so very precious and an honour that she felt safe to do so. We don’t build any story around this, it’s simply a release, we don’t need to know what or why. Mum encouraged her tears while I held space for them all.

We are our children’s immediate “environment” our behaviours impact our loved ones and it is my belief that our own growth and healing is an important place to start when supporting our children which is one reason why my Family sessions are only available as Follow Ups. It also ensures you are totally at ease and confident in preparing your little ones for their experience.

Spinal Flow technique
Spinal Flow technique


Our teenagers have a ridiculous amount of mental and sometimes physical stress throughout this unique and formative time of developing social and emotional habits, particularly if they are navigating the education system. It severely impacted our family hence me promoting sessions to regularly release stress for teens.

Spinal Flow® may reduce anxiety, depression and risk-taking behaviours and also strengthen the capacity to regulate emotions and build resilience.

Their initial consult is 45 minutes with a parent, however follow ups only need to be 30 minutes as teenagers are usually happy to hop straight on the table without any chit chat. Please know that I reassure your teen that everything they say is in complete confidence unless I feel their life is at risk, when it is then my duty of care to speak to their parent.

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Spinal Flow technique

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