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Supporting pregnancy with The Spinal Flow Technique TM

My intention when working with prenatal women is to reduce morning sickness and to encourage the body and pelvis to create more space with ease and flow and of course to prepare for labour.

This is the lovely Shae who has just entered her Third Trimester of her first pregnancy. She came to see me because she has had problems with her hips since she was a child and being pregnant is obviously putting a bigger strain on this area.

Shae initially came two consecutive days to give her body intense healing and this really paid off. The morning after her first session she reported that she’d had a fabulous sleep and whereas usually she’s grumpy before her coffee, she woke up bright and happy, but the second session was where the magic really happened.

In both sessions Shae felt extremely relaxed and in that beautiful healing zone, but this time she was ecstatic because she had truly tuned in with bub for the very first time and had felt him/her rocking gently inside her throughout the whole session. How wonderful!

Of course I didn’t know this until she’d got off the table, but what I witnessed was her breath flowing up and down her spine more freely and her pelvis tilting smoothly although quite exaggeratedly, but it was also expanding and contracting width ways which was super exciting.

You can read Shae’s own words as she posted a lovely review.


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