Akiki Spinal Flow

Good Vibe Messages

“Reach, stretch, breathe, believe. What can you let go of to feel maximum joy?”

Do you welcome your day spending a few moments with your feet on the grass reaching up to the sun, stretching your body, breathing deeply with immense appreciation for being alive?

This isn’t just a great way to increase oxygen to every cell and to calm your Central Nervous System, it’s also a fabulous way to let go of any negative thoughts and preconceived ideas about how you think your day is going to look and send a message to the universe that you are looking to create a wonderful day.

For double the effect, why not repeat your little ritual at the end of your day too, giving thanks for being alive, releasing any negative emotions you’ve experienced today and set the intention for a restful sleep and an even better day tomorrow.

Two phrases I find work extremely well in any situation are:

How Does It Get Better Than This/That?
What Else Is Possible?

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