After suffering with chronic lower back pain since around the age of 10 after breaking my tail bone I thought that it was just something I had to live with until I met Tina from Akiki Spinal Flow.

At my initial appointment Tina went through all my aches, pains and concerns with me. We discussed what my goals were and the best way to achieve them.
As soon as I was on the table and Tina started her magic I felt some instant relief and my mind was able to calm.

We did a few weeks of 2 treatments and then weekly treatments and now I’m on maintenance visits – although honestly I would go every day if I could!

I am almost 100% pain free now, I’m exercising comfortably finally and am able to do the most intense of workouts I’ve ever been able to do. I’ve noticed improvements not only with my pain but my sleep, digestion, focus, anxiety and memory.

I highly recommend Tina and am so very thankful that I found her.

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Release yourself forward with Tina Kirkham Smith of Akiki Spinal Flow – Practitioner in Cooroy at the top of the Sunshine Coast.

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