I have hyper mobile joints so from the time I learnt to crawl I’ve been in pain because my joints dislocate all the time. I also suffer from Cluster Migraine, Digestive issues, extreme anxiety, depression and sleep issues. If there’s a treatment out there that claims it’ll help in pain reduction and reduce the frequency of my migraine I’ve probably tried it. I’ve tried acupuncture, Chinese medicine, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, pilates, massage, osteopaths, cupping, sauna sweating, pain medication, antidepressants, blood pressure meds, vitamins, diet & exercise and so on and so forth. So far nothing has every worked and I often come away feeling worse than when I started.

Tina at Akiki Spinal Flow has the motto “Change Your Spine, Change Your World” which I’m going to admit I did a bit of eye rolling at while thinking “yeah right”. However we’re two treatments in and I’m going to have to admit I went from a desperate skeptic hoping she might be able to help lower the pain levels in my lower back and maybe stop the muscles in my spine spamming to the point that walking was difficult, to a believer that Akiki Spinal Flow actually works.

First treatment I went in barely able to walk due to the pain in my lower back and resulting muscle spasms running from my skull to my toes. I had a killer headache which I was expecting to turn into the cluster migraine from hell. I was also bone achingly tired with depression related brain fog making it hard to think let alone answer question or follow directions correctly. After basic assessment to see how locked up my muscle skeletal system was (it was bad) I lay face down on the treatment table and waited for the bone popping, hard pressing into pressure points or whatever other violent treatment was about to be done in an effort to ease my pain….. And no violent, invasive or harsh yanking on bones to realign joints happened. Tina did her thing very gently touching points on my skull and spine. It was so relaxing I fell asleep, which I’ve never done on a treatment table in my life.

Once she had finished I sat up, slowly as I was a little dizzy and so relaxed. I gently hopped off the table expecting when my feet hit the floor for my muscles to tighten up and the bone deep pain to come back. I stood there for a minute waiting for the muscle spasms to hit and nothing happened. I took a few tentative steps fully expecting movement to kick off the pain and muscles spasms and nothing happened. It took me until bed time that night to firstly stop waiting for the pain to come back and to realise my brain melting headache had gone away without having to take my migraine medication.

However the biggest OMFG moment was when I woke up the next morning not only was I entirely pain free but the foggy brain, emotionally flat and groggy feeling depression creates that I had been living with for 14 months had lifted. Being the skeptic that I am I kept waiting for the depression to come back full force and for my joint pain to flare back up. When I got a headache on day 3 post treatment I was like “new it I’m going to get a migraine and then the pain will be back”. Just incase it was from dehydration I drank about 1ltr of water & my headache went away.

So far I’ve had 2 treatments and I will be an ongoing client because my bone deep back pain and resulting muscle spasms have gone and are still gone. I have had a couple of headaches but nothing has turned into a cluster migraine. Some of my joints still hurt, which is normal they are badly damaged and they are riddled with osteoarthritis but the full body joint inflammation that was preventing basic movement has settled down. I actually spent time in my garden doing some digging, which used to trigger days of muscles spasms and bone deep pain requiring heavy medication to control but all I had was slightly sore muscles that a soak in a hot magnesium bath and a bit of stretching fixed. I’m actually optimistic that I’ve found a treatment that actually works.

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