I walked into Akiri not knowing quite what to expect. I had met Tina a few times over the past couple of years and was very interested to find out more about spinal flow. I had been recommended by my nephew and as I have been in constant pain for the past year I was very keen to try anything that could ease that. I had also recently suffered facial palsy and diarrhoea. The treatment was very, very gentle and Tina had given me a very good outline on how spinal flow works before commencing the treatment. Well, what can I say? Other than a bit of muscle soreness across my shoulder blades for around an hour I have been pain free now for just over a week and my bowel motions are returning to normal. I can highly recommend Tina to anyone needing relief. Oh and another thing, I hah had a nasty fall three years ago and damaged my coccyx which also has osteoarthritis and was extremely sore. I have had no pain in that area either!

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Release yourself forward with Tina Kirkham Smith of Akiki Spinal Flow – Practitioner in Cooroy at the top of the Sunshine Coast.

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