I am 50+ years young, 7 children, and present with chronic lower back pain, vertigo, minimal skeletal flexibility, bladder and uterine prolapses. There were immediate benefits after the first treatment, being l could drive 30 mins home without pain. Within that first week, my flexibility had increased, there was no vertigo. Fast forward to the total of 4 visits, l feel amazing, my level of pain out of 10, 10 being the highest, is 2-3. l can now dance, gentle exercise, garden and drive distances, previously l found these difficult to do, or unable to do. I have noticed small improvements in both prolapses which was unexpected, there has been no vertigo, holistically my awareness and alignment of self have also improved. I plan to bring my children to Tina, the healing l have experienced within 4 visits have changed my life, I am so excited to move forward with Tina to continue my healing journey.

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