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Hello… welcome… I’m Tina and the first thing I would like you to know about me is that I truly believe ANYTHING is possible and that there is huge potential for change within the human body as I’ve witnessed it do amazing things.

Whether you’re searching for something that’s going get to the core of your physical pain or dis-ease because you’ve already tried everything or help to release emotional trauma or simply because you enjoy trying different healing modalities, I’d love to meet you.

Choosing a practitioner is largely about whether you feel relaxed and safe in their space – they may become an integral part of the rest of your life.  My intention here is that you’ll get a feel of my integrity, my compassion, my love of empowering others to take on the responsibility to heal and my passion for supporting pregnant women and their newborns.

I have worked with many modalities and loved them all, however the energetics of the planet are very different now, things shift much faster and I find Spinal Flow Technique to be the most effective way of encouraging the body to work it’s magic and realign on all levels with such ease and no physical manipulation / adjustment whatsoever.

In my Cooroy clinic in the heart of the Noosa Hinterland I work with all ages and all health issues and love hearing the ripples of healing that weren’t even expected! Can I fix you?  No!  Can I help you? Absolutely, because I know how incredibly intelligent your body is, so come on in and let’s give it the opportunity to show you what it can do.

Spinal Flow for Adults

Tune in with your body, listening for the initial messages and take action, as the more energy flowing through the spine the greater the expression of life.

Newborn Babies

Inviting an infant’s body to encourage optimum flow of oxygen, nutrients and communication along the nervous system to release any birth trauma helps minimise symptoms such as ...

Postpartum Spinal Flow

Spinal Flow post labour is super beneficial for recovery, especially to promote efficient pelvic contraction.

Conception & Pregnancy

Starting Spinal Flow® care to prepare your body for pregnancy provides a healthy foundation. Once pregnant, dedicating regular time to embody a state of calm and wellbeing throughout this period of incredible change may reduce anxiety and ...

Families and Teenagers

Children’s bodies immediately start releasing blockages so they usually only need a few minutes and their bodies generally love to move - it’s so cool! Our teenagers have a ridiculous amount of mental and sometimes physical stress throughout this unique and formative time of developing social and emotional habits ...

What is Spinal Flow®and how does it work?

It has its roots in the science and anatomy of the spine and nervous system, so understanding that the human body is designed to constantly strive for optimal wellness is key. This forms the philosophy that as this wisdom is within each and every one of us, we all have the incredible potential to heal. This truly holistic modality has been created by Dr Carli Axford who is a former Chiropractor of many years.

Our innate intelligence helps us respond to the demands of the stressful modern world to keep us safe by minimising unnecessary functions. This prioritisation ensures we are alert and focussed in readiness for fight or flight, however we’re not meant to get stuck there.

Our body instinctively knows exactly how to bring back ease and flow just like it did when you were a child with cuts and bruises that always healed with just a little bit of attention.  Spinal Flow® gives our nervous system this attention, switching it back into the Parasympathetic state where bodily functions such as digestion, respiration and conception are regulated and healing can happen, releasing the stuckness from our life’s experiences .

The Spinal Flow Technique taps into our natural healing via 33 Access Points.  These contacts remind our brain to release emotional stress, physical tension and chemical toxicities blocking the healthy flow of our spinal wave which transports oxygen, nutrients and information to every organ, tissue and cell.

As Spinal Flow practitioners we are focused on the long term improvement of your structure and function rather than a quick fix band-aid approach.  We do this by encouraging your body to get to the origin of your blockages and symptoms in a way that is gentle and not overwhelming to your system enabling it to create a new path of vitality and health.

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THIS is what change looks like with full commitment to...


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