Akiki Spinal Flow

Spinal Flow Founder Dr Carli Axford is using me as a demo for how to position the pelvic blocks to open up the Foundation Gateway. This is the area that is what the rest of our body is built upon. This area when blocked is the number one cause of back, hip and leg pain, sciatica, bladder, prostate and also reproductive issues, infertility and menstrual problems.

Emotionally this area is known to be blocked when we are stuck in the past or find it difficult to make decisions.

I’m currently working on her team of crew members to support the current practitioners in training in Coolangatta. It’s a huge 10 program.

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Release yourself forward with Tina Kirkham Smith of Akiki Spinal Flow – Practitioner in Cooroy at the top of the Sunshine Coast.

Spinal Flow technique