Akiki Spinal Flow

This was my setup at last Sunday’s Noosa Kids & Baby Market at Coolum. I’m in my element here as my passion is supporting women in their antenatal and postnatal stages and the icing on the cake is when I get to work on the newborn babies to encourage their Central Nervous System’s to access their incredible healing ability and release their birth trauma.

Several children from the other stalls hopped on my table this time, some of them more than once. The first one was about 8 years old I’m guessing. She told me she’d had an accident and now has a bulging disc which is extremely concerning for one so young. She came by again later and excitedly told me that she no longer feels she has a bulging disc. I love my work!

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Release yourself forward with Tina Kirkham Smith of Akiki Spinal Flow – Practitioner in Cooroy at the top of the Sunshine Coast.

Spinal Flow technique