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Gentle Spinal Flow for releasing stress from the body

HEALTHY NERVOUS SYSTEM, HEALTHY LIFE - Tina Kirkham Smith, Akiki Spinal Flow - health consultant in Cooroy at the top of the Sunshine Coast
Open today until 18:30
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Giving and receiving with other Certified Spinal Flow Practitioners is essential when we're in service to others. This time I went to my beautiful friend's wonderful healing space.

Here I'm working on her Base and Foundation Gateways to encourage her nervous system to release blockages related ...

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If you have a Show Day this Friday, why not take the opportunity to come in for a session - it's business as usual here at Akiki Spinal Flow


I think the Faeries are trying to tell me they love my little garden.

It's wonderful to have a little bit of nature outside my clinic room. The children love my colourful toadstools and little bee.

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This little 3yr old guy came with mum once before and couldn't really settle in the room, but a few weeks on he's back and couldn't wait to actually get on the table this time.

He lay so well for about 10 mins, only stopping because his body had done it's thing.

Gotta love the Spinal Flow Techn...

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Being asked to join Dr Carli Axford on her Spinal Flow Technique, Green Team crew once again was of course a huge honour.

The seven day immersive to train the current students was held at Peppers, Surfers Paradise.


This is a great example of the Spinal Flow wave from our recent Sunshine Coast Spinal Flow Technique practitioner gathering where we swap sessions, talk about what's working and what isn't in our businesses and support new students.

Some people move dramatically, some not at all, then there's e...

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We had the BEST time promoting Spinal Flow on the Sunshine Coast this weekend at the 2021 Conscious Life Festival - SOO much fun - we didn't stop!

Some had heard of it and many hadn't, but were super keen to try it and I think it's fair to say they were all blown away by their experience.

It ...

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My Spinal Flow colleague and I had a fantastic first day at the 2021 Conscious Life - Holistic Wellness Festival, Bokarina, Sunshine Coast.

We'll be there again today from 9.30am-4.30pm and would love to see you.

It's a great opportunity to try this powerful technique that releases your physic...

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Announcing my new role as Nonna after the birth of my first Grandchild/son, Grayson John Hart on 21st April.

He has been experiencing the Spinal Flow Technique TM throughout the pregnancy and here has just had his first postpartum session where he stretched his pelvis and legs and did a few big ...

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a month ago
Tina is wonderful to work with. She allows for the unfolding of awareness and insights to come from me. The Spinal Flow treatments have been surprising with the results they are unlocking within my body and attitude. Each session is building upon the previous, a better experience of myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
- Elaine G
2 months ago
Tina is truly a powerful healer! I highly recommend her gentle & loving approach to her treatments. My daughter & I have both experienced some deep healing by seeing her regularly & I feel very grateful to have stumbled across this nurturing lady! She is amazing with children too.
- Darrielle M
6 months ago
I am 50+ years young, 7 children, and present with chronic lower back pain, vertigo, minimal skeletal flexibility, bladder and uterine prolapses. There were immediate benefits after the first treatment, being l could drive 30 mins home without pain. Within that first week, my flexibility had increased, there was no vertigo. Fast forward to the total of 4 visits, l feel amazing, my level of pain out of 10, 10 being the highest, is 2-3. l can now dance, gentle exercise, garden and drive distances, previously l found these difficult to do, or unable to do. I have noticed small improvements in both prolapses which was unexpected, there has been no vertigo, holistically my awareness and alignment of self have also improved. I plan to bring my children to Tina, the healing l have experienced within 4 visits have changed my life, I am so excited to move forward with Tina to continue my healing journey.
- Davina W


Your body is always striving to maintain it's instinctive healing integrity ...

Hello… welcome… I'm Tina, a Practitioner of the Spinal Flow Technique under Founder Dr Carli Axford (former Chiropractor).  The first thing I would like you to know about me is that I truly believe ANYTHING is possible as the human body is designed to heal no matter what and when given the opportunity to activate it's own in-built healing potential I've witnessed it do amazing things.

Whether you're searching for someone/something that’s going get to the core of your physical pain or dis-ease, help you to release emotional trauma or because you simply enjoy trying different healing modalities, you've come to the right place.

Your brain - your Master Controller - locks down unnecessary functions when in emotional, chemical or physical stress, directing your energy to ensure you are alert and focussed in readiness for fight or flight.

Unfortunately our life experiences can keep us stuck in this state and as amazing as our bodies are they can only take so much before they become affected by a lack of true rest and full re-activation of it's systems which includes digestion and healing.

... it’s time to trust it’s wisdom with this powerful technique.

What is the Spinal Flow Technique and How Does it Work?   

This holistic modality has its roots in the philosophy, science and touch of the spine and nervous system.  We're complex holistic beings with bodies that require supporting as an interconnected whole, so understanding that the body has everything inside itself to heal, to release stress that prevents healthy spinal flow is key.

As a Certified Practitioner I communicate by gentle touch to the Access Points in the areas of your sacrum and cranium to communicate with your neural tissue which reminds your brain to release your stressors - your blockages - with ease and flow just like it did when you were a child with cuts and bruises that always healed with just a little bit of attention.

Choosing a practitioner is largely about whether you feel relaxed and safe in their space - they may become an integral part of the rest of your life.  My intention here is that you’ll get a feel of my integrity, my compassion, my love of empowering others to take on the responsibility to heal and my passion for supporting pregnant women and their newborns - I truly believe it’s what I’m here to do.  

I have worked with many modalities and loved them all, however the energetics of the planet are very different now, things shift much faster and I find Spinal Flow Technique to be an extremely effective and powerful way of encouraging the body to work it's magic and seemingly miraculously realign on all levels without any physical manipulation / adjustment whatsoever.  

In my clinic at Cooroy in the heart of the Noosa Hinterland I work with people of all ages and such a wide variety of issues and get great joy from seeing the ripples of healing that weren't even expected!

The potential for change in all health expressions are extremely exciting.

It's important to me to have client experiences in specific areas, therefore I have carried out my own case studies which enables me to speak with confidence to specific issues from my own learnings such as curvature of the spine (scoliosis) coming into alignment, Parkinson's tremors ceasing for longer and longer periods of time, 40 year long cluster-migraines disappearing, PTSD clients able to return to work and even start up their own business and the benefits during pregnancy and releasing birth trauma from babies.  

Stress and Trauma - Spinal Flow for Adults

Did You Know ... the brain and the spinal cord are the conduit of consciousness and are formed in the very early stages of conception?  

The spinal cord travels through it's protective housing then connects to every organ, gland, muscle, fascial tissue and blood vessel supplying information, oxygen and nutrients.  Your nervous system is the grand coordinator that controls your thoughts, movements, emotions and desires as well as your body's systems.  

So what depletes this vital force, your spinal flow?  Unmanaged emotional reactions to an event = stress and trauma which creates "blockages" a lack of movement, issues with spinal alignment, slipped and bulging discs etc.

Our bodies hold signs and symptoms of the stress we’ve experienced possibly right back from that moment of conception.  If these stresses aren't released eventually your body begins creating an increase of symptoms such as:

  • back / neck / hip pain
  • scoliosis
  • sciatica
  • headaches & migraines
  • anxiety & depression
  • PTSD
  • insomnia
  • fatigue
  • gynaecological challenges
  • infertility
  • digestive issues (IBS, constipation)
  • neurological issues
  • cancer
  • and of course ultimately death …

I encourage you to tune in with your body and listen for the initial messages, the smaller symptoms that indicate a stressor has not been processed, rather than waiting until you're in chronic pain as the more energy flowing through the spine, the greater the expression of life.    

Akiki Spinal Flow as Preparation for Conception, Pregnancy, Newborn Babies and Children

Starting Spinal Flow care to prepare a woman's body for conception and pregnancy provides a healthy foundation, then helps her body adjust to expanding and supporting her growing baby.  It may also minimise morning sickness.

Even the gentlest birth can impact the flow of energy within your newborn baby and his/her future wellbeing.  Many parents find it beneficial to support their newborn infant and growing babies to release birth trauma and realign their physiology for healthy development. 

Inviting the body to encourage flow of communication, oxygen and nutrients along the nervous system with ease to help minimise colic, reflux, constipation, abdominal distension etc and to be a contribution to a baby's lifelong health and wellbeing is the ultimate honour.

I have had success in treating colic, eczema and supporting digestive health including shifting constipation.

Postpartum Spinal Flow

The focus postnatally is two-fold, to help mum's body physically realign before damage is done bending and lifting while her pelvis is still expanded and potentially reducing the risk of postnatal depression so she is able to enjoy her newborn baby.

Spinal Flow for Infertility

When the body is in prolonged fear, stress or trauma it may not feel it is safe to bring new life into the world.  By encouraging the body to return to it's Parasympathetic rest, digest and healing state intensive Spinal Flow TM may enable a woman to conceive.

I'd truly love to be part of you and your little one's team.

Spinal Flow For ENT Issues

My own observation as a mum of three who all required orthodontic work is that nature is amazing so why do most people not have a jaw large enough to accommodate our teeth?  My conclusion is that the bones of the cranium are prevented from moving as they are designed (perhaps this is a contributor to screaming babies) which potentially stops our jaw from growing to it's correct size.  Dysfunction of the TMJ can cause ear pain, other ENT issues, dizziness, tinnitus, jaw clicking, headaches and other lifestyle limitations.  Early release of trauma from the birth experience can support prevention and relief of these issues.

How Many Sessions Do I Recommend and How Frequently?

How serious are you about committing to being the best version of you, of living your best life?  My intention is to make a difference, to help you change your world.  

Initially I suggest booking three sessions within a few days if possible, to give yourself an in-depth experience and enable your body to show you what it's capable of.  We can then organise a schedule to take you forward from there.  

Key Differences With the Spinal Flow Technique

For me there are two that I believe make it so effective:    

1)  Only your Nervous System - your brain / master controller - understands exactly which stressor is a priority and the order in which it can peel back the layers.  It also takes into consideration at what point you are ready to cope with the shifts and releases them at a pace your body can cope with as some of your blockages / symptoms have taken many, many years to develop.

2)  As Spinal Flow practitioners we are focused on the long term improvement of your structure and function by encouraging your body to get to the origin of your blockages and symptoms in a way that is gentle and without overwhelming your system again and potentially reinforcing trauma, rather than a quick fix band-aid approach.   


I love supporting everyone who is committed to their wellbeing and I get excited when they peel off their layers and create amazing transformations to power on in life. 

You'll find a range of consults on my scheduler including Family and Teenager sessions.  Look out for a short health questionnaire attached to your confirmation email.  I offer early and late time spots for before and after work and also Saturdays in the hope that everyone can find a time to suit. 

Many wonderful clients have written Akiki Spinal Flow reviews to help you learn more about how I can support you.

Based in Cooroy I'm in easy reach of Noosa, Gympie, the Sunshine Coast and it's Hinterland.

I very much look forward to meeting you.


Cost:  $50-$100

Call:  0406 118 233       

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